For Swimmers

  • TEAM SUIT – Also bring a backup suit just in case. Label tag with a sharpie.

  • CAPS – Caps do rip, so bring an extra one!

  • GOGGLES (and backup goggles) – Be sure they are secure during dives!  It can be discouraging to swim with your goggles in your mouth or around your neck. Test seal by pressing goggles into eye sockets without straps and see if they stay on.

  • TWO TOWELS – Preferably labeled. They are going to get wet. Some kids like to bring chamois cloths to dry off and keep towels drier.

  • CHAIR/BLANKET – This depends on the venue.

  • FOOTWEAR – For pool decks, flip flops, slides, etc.  Pool decks get pretty slippery and yucky.

  • ADEQUATE HYDRATION – Multiple water bottles, healthy drinks...remember, meet sessions can be anywhere from 2-4 hours long!

  • SNACKS – Plenty of simple, healthy items, easy to eat in small quantities.

  • ACTIVITIES – cards, books, games for when you aren’t busy cheering on teammates. Unlike practice, at meets the majority of your time is spent waiting for your turn to swim. This is a great time to get to know your teammates.

  • ON TIME – Being on time usually means 30 min prior to our scheduled warm-up.  If you are running late, alert coaches, or you may be scratched from the meet.

  • DRESS – Warmly and in layers.  Pool decks gets chilly in the winter. Wear plenty of warm clothes and keep a set dry for after the meet.

  • NEAT AND TIDY – Keep your area clean. You are representing CCST.

  • GOOD ATTITUDE – Remember, you are there as a team. Your teammates will love to have you cheering for them.  Love the competition for they will help you race better.  You are all in this together.

  • ABILITY TO FAIL – Remember, not every meet will bring personal bests (PBs). Learn from failure - it’s an opportunity!  Did you check in with coaches to learn what you could do differently next time?

  • HAVE FUN – This is a very time-consuming sport.  Always remember to have fun with your friends and support your teammates, no matter what kind of day you are having, leave the swim in the pool.

  • EXIT CHECK – Check in with coaches before leaving.  Do you have everything you brought?


For Parents/Spectators

  • ON TIME – If you are running late or need to scratch, contact coaches ASAP!  They understand that life happens...but be considerate and inform them right away.

  • PARENT T-SHIRT – Show CCST spirit, and locate your team, by wearing CCST gear.

  • COMFY SEAT – Stadium chairs are great for sitting in bleachers.  You can get them online at a wide variety of stores.  Some have pockets, backs, arms…you will be sitting for extended periods of time.

  • $CASH$ – For admission, heat sheets, concessions.  Small bills are usually easiest.

  • HIGHLIGHTERS/PENS – For psych/heat sheets and follow along with the meet.  

  • DRINKS – For yourselves and as a backup source for your swimmers.

  • SNACKS – Prepare to miss lunch and/or dinner.

  • CAMERA – Often meets are great opportunities for candid shots of the swimmers.  

  • We love to use these pictures at the year-end banquet and on our website!   PLEASE NOTE:  FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT ALLOWED.  It interferes with the start.  Please be respectful and turn off your flash, or your camera may get confiscated. Also, no cameras are allowed behind the starting blocks!

  • WILLINGNESS TO TIME – CCST is often required to provide timers during the session.  This is a time to meet other parents, watch your swimmer up close, and give back to the team through volunteerism.  Pack a pair of deck shoes just in case.

  • COMFY CLOTHES/DECK SHOE – Pool decks can get quite warm and humid.  Layer clothes to adjust between indoors and outdoors.  Wear something comfortable.  You may want to take a few walks.  Sessions can last up to 2-4 hours at times.  Also, bring flip flops or deck shoes of your own in case you are called upon to time.

  • BOOK/IPAD – You will spend a lot of time waiting to watch your swimmer.

  • MEET MOBILE – Download apps like “Meet Mobile” to track the progress of participating meets (not all meets have live online results.)

  • CHARGERS – For your electronic devices – your swimmer’s, too!

  • GOOD ATTITUDE – To help your child succeed with humility, fail with grace.  They learn from our actions/reactions.  Your swimmers will not always achieve PB's.  Focus on something that was done well, and learn from DQs (head to Dairy Queen).  Some meets they may be working on a particular skill.

  • NEED A RIDE? – Don’t hesitate to carpool/ask for rides!!  There are usually several of us attending each session and many of us have extra room in our cars.  We try to help each other out.

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